Brixia Uno

Tradition and innovation.

BRIXIA UNO is a free standing safe certified in grade I according to the European norm EN 1143-1 and available in 6 dimensions.
The safe, born from the long experience and the refined taste typical of Bordogna Casseforti, boasts world-class features: electronic lock certified in grade B according to the norm EN 1300, push-pull handle, details made of aluminium and customizable interior.
BRIXIA UNO combines all the Made in Italy distinctive elements: quality, elegance and design. The safe is no longer only a valuable storage, but it turns into a piece of furniture: Bordogna Casseforti makes special a product that is now more than ever necessary.

  • Serratura
    BRIXIA has an electronic lock certified EN 1300 class B with Time Delay
  • Serratura 2
  • Serratura 3
  • Serratura 4
  • Serratura 5
  • About 01
    Door with push-pull handle made of aluminum
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BRIXIA UNO is certified ECBS according to the norm EN 1143-1 grade I: a security guarantee according to the highest European standards


The standard UNI EN 1143-1 classifies safes for professional use according to 14 resistance levels from grade 0 to grade XIII and regulates the requirements and methods used for tests carried out in authorized laboratories. Depending on the level and the agreements with the insurance companies, it’s possible to insure the content of the safe. The content of BRIXIA UNO can be insured up to 103.000 €.